The Deanship of Student Affairs in the Red Sea University occupies a leading role among local, regional and .More...


Graduate students from RSU will possess creative academic knowledge in addition to life skills that contribute to the. More...


- To contribute to the creation of an integrated and balanced development of career between the academic and personal.More...

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The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the university bodies entrusted with the students’ activities at different cultural, social, sporting and political dimensions .The  deanship supervises all educational activities that serve to improve the university environment and sustain academic achievements.

The deanship also issues proper university identification cards for all staff and students working in the academic institution and supervises graduate student records as well as receiving new students and sponsoring national and international student’s celebrations days. Further special university units which combat diseases such AIDS and special student groups and associations along with supervision of student’s union elections are being routinely maintained.




- Over all guidance to students specialized associations and Unions.
- Supervision of the medical commissions for examinations.
- Legal and administrative arrangements for the students union "elections each year."
- Issuance of university I.D. cards
- Conduct the university orientation programs for students of national service and facilitate visits by students from other universities.
- Establishment of cultural and sports tournaments.
- Supervision of sports and cultural activities at the level of Sudanese and over- seas universities.
- Supervision of the activities sponsored by Arab Council of Arab Training Programs for university students "each year".
- Consideration of special cases for student’s fees and welfare distribution (held every semester)

 - Provide social support for insolvent cases among students.


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